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Bringing Bible Study Home

One of the major things I have done to simplify my life is bring my Bible Study home.  Not home only in the sense that I apply what I learn to my life and living with my family, but I literally brought the study to my home and engage in it with my neighbors.

When we moved into our neighborhood, I felt a nudging to begin a Bible study in the neighborhood, but hesitated.  It might surprise you, while I have been a pastor’s wife for about 25 years, and have attended Bible Studies before, I had never started a Bible study, so I was a little nervous.

While hosting another of our neighborhood events in my home, one of the women came to me and asked  if our church had any Bible studies through the summer she could attend.  In order to “put the fleece” out there to see if my nudging feeling was really God, I told her, “Yes, they do, but what would you think if we started one right here in our neighborhood?”  Her eyes became as big as baseballs as she replied, “I have been thinking how wonderful it would be to have a neighborhood Bible Study, so when I get home after a long day’s work, I’m not having to get out again in my car.”  Yes, my fleece was soaking wet!

Using our neighborhood directory, we notified all the ladies in our “hood” and ended up with about 15 ladies who wanted to join the study; from varying churches and denominations, all different ages and marital status.  The major thing we had in common was our Neighborhood. Oh, and we were all seeking to understand God’s word better and what He is calling us to do and be. What a beautiful picture of the body of Christ!

While Bible studies in the past have always been meaningful and encouraging, I have never experienced anything like this before. I finally feel as though I KNOW the ladies in my Bible Study well, and they KNOW me.  We go deeper in God’s word together and see each other many times during the week, whether it is running into each other at the grocery story, or retrieving our mail from our mailboxes.  Proximity has allowed us to save time on commutes, go deeper in our relationships with God and each other while enabling us more easily to care for the needs of each other as well.

We started one evening Bible study with about 15 ladies attending and tonight, two years later, We begin again.  I am so excited! This year we are adding a morning study as well.

If you want to start a neighborhood Bible study and I can help, please leave a comment and I will get back with you.

As you might expect from me it’s not hard — in fact it is done with Real Simplicity.

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Comments on: "Bringing Bible Study Home" (2)

  1. Hello. I just found your blog and started following your twitter, and I realize that I am in your same shoes–just a few years behind you. My husband has been a pastor for about 6 years, and I am constantly wondering what M role in the community should be. I’m excited to follow you through this blog, Titus 2 style.
    Thanks. Anna

    • Anna, I am so glad to meet you through my blog. Thanks for following. If I can serve you in any way, please let me know. I would be happy to direct message you and give you my email. I know that there is so much we can share and that I will learn so much from you as well.

      Look for my follow and my DM.

      with blessings and joy,

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